Small Step EP

by Gumbal

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released April 28, 2016

Drums Recorded at ArbitRandom Studios
Artwork by Vivek Jadhav

Bass - Satish Sridhar
Drums - Varoon Aiyer
Lead Guitars - Siddharth Talwar
Vocals & Rhythm Guitars - Arjun Iyer



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Gumbal Mumbai, India

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Track Name: Small Step
Hey, I can see,
I can see all that there is to see for a man.
Feel, I can feel,
I can feel that hair just standing on its end.
All that black, can step right back, this moment’s fucking mine, to lose.

(All mine to lose.)

Hey Buzz, do you see?
Do you see all that there is to see for a man?
All that black, can step right back, this moment’s fucking mine.
Track Name: Born Under The Second Law
Didn’t you climb the tree when you were a child,
Falling off the branches many times?
You just stood there all night,
Wondering what is higher. Maybe there’s a father
in the night that shines so bright beyond.
One day you would jump across the pond.
Only you…

Every halloween disguise,
Every small step up unto this point in your life.
Rooted in that spine was fear;
The fear that keeps you up at night all night, it’s dark as fuck now.
But no more petulant little quibbles
No more greed or envy up in the skies (ooh, that’s nice).
Moment’s come to pass you here,
Yet rooted in that spine, the fear lingers on.

In the dark expanse so bright beyond,
lies that friendly floating piece of stone.
Only you…
Track Name: That Tiny Pea, Pretty And Blue
All aboard the wistfulness of time and space,
Where god abhors a naked singularity.
Floating out there,
Every single person you and I have known.
Locked in a ball, we’re moving, moving,
We’re moving through clay,
We’re moving through clay.

We’ve stared and wondered all these years:
Is it a turtle that we’re on?
Is it turtles all the way down, right down?

Curiosity, where were you all this while?
Where had you slunk and gone to hide?
Where have you been? You should have seen!
You should have seen..

Ptolemy wasn’t right,
But Coper was wrong in the church’s eye,
(I know this much is true)

The world is just a solid block of paper,
As time will tell us later,
Till then we all stay stuck alike.

I wish there was a way to share this view,
Janet, you should see this sighting too,
so pretty and blue.

We gathered shrubs and we began to hunt,
Busting hogs with hammers blunt,
All down to 1969.

I wish there was a way to share this view,
One hundred hours starts to feel too soon,
Janet, you should see this tiny pea,
so pretty and blue.